(Frequently Asked Questions)

How come the 'Graffiti Wall' always screws up??

There is nothing I can do about it. The script is hosted on a free ASP server from Microsoft. Do I have to say any other word than 'Microsoft'?

Haven't you contemplated suicide yet??

Yes, once. But then we left the 'Platinum'.

Do you have that money you owe me??


So what do you want to do??

I don't know, what is there to do??

What is Muzzin[the band]??

It is Tim Nantais, Steve Fox, and Mike Jaber. They are a satirical punk band from Amherstburg. If you live in Amherstburg, you've probably seen they're flyers. If you have to ask why they are called 'Muzzin', you will never understand why.

Aren't you ashamed of yourself??


Why did you and Sarah break up??

Because I'm a stupid fag who spends too much time making useless websites.

Will I ever learn the ways of the force??

To be honest, probably not. If just anyone could be a Jedi Knight, it wouldn't be so special. Right?

Are you a homophobe??


Why is this site called the 'Muzzifesto'??

It's Muzzin and manifesto put together. Manifesto means, "a public declaration of principles, policies, or intentions". I know its gay.

What the hell do you want me to say on the 'Graffiti Wall'??

Just do what my friends usually do. When you have nothing to say, just rip on somebody. And what better place to rip on somebody than Muzzin's message board!!

How come there's only pictures of you and Gates in the 'photos' section??

Because I can't find pictures of anybody else to scan and post. If anybody has photos of themselves they want me to put up just email it to me. And besides, who else would you want to look at besides me and Gates?

Why are you so short??

Because God made me after watching a re-run of 'Taxi', and thought there should be more people like Danny DeVito.

Why is your car such a gay colour??

If I had a choice I would change it. I bought it off some old lady after I smashed my white neon.