Feb 11th, 2002

Local Women Gets Really Small Muzzin Tattoo

Feb 9th, 2002

Concert!!! At the Gino A. Marcus. March 3rd!!!! It's my old friend from grade school's band so you better go!!

Feb 8th, 2002

Nickelback sucks!!!

Feb 6th, 2002

Where is natural selection when you need it?

Check out the site I got this from and you will see what I mean. Click Here

Feb 6th, 2002

"An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep."
- Arab Proverb

Feb 5th, 2002

In honor of the Less than Jake concert on March 22nd, I put one of their songs as mp3 of the week. It is working now so you can download it.

Feb 4th, 2002

Or maybe I won't. Nothing really interesting happened. I think I finally realized how shitty bar hopping actually is. We have to find an alternative to the over-priced drinks, over-dressed people, and over-funded Windsor Police Deptartment that secure the downtown area. (God bless their souls).

Feb 2nd, 2002

Sorry for the long delay in site updates. But it's good to see that there are people out there who are more bored than me. I'm going to Windsor with Nantais tonight, so I'll tell you about our perilous adventure when I get back.

I'm resigning from the MLPC (Marxist-Leninist Party Club, a part of the Communist Party of Canada). The train of thought that eventually led to this decision was sparked by Henry David Thoreau saying, "That government is best which governs least". Don't get me wrong, I think that the state should provide a minimum standard of living for all, but the doctrines of Marxism gives too much power to the authorities and robs people of their individual potential and creativity. (Examples of this are the oppressive regime of Stalin in Soviet Russia, in which millions of people died. Or the killing of Chinese students protesting against their harsh communist government. The army ran them over with tanks.) Trying to take away a person's right to contract and personal property, in the effort to make sure no one is taken advantage of, is like trying to feed a tiger a piece of broccoli. I now believe that the only services a government should provide is basic law enforcement, health care, education and national security. The government should leave it's people free to make their own goals and decisions. Now I'm not saying that our system of government is perfect, but we are on the right path. Human equality can not be forced, it can only be learned. (Please remember that my developing political principles are inertial and will often change.)
Jan 27th, 2002

There is a Nike protest on February 23 2002 (12:00 pm), outside of the Nike Factory Outlet Store at 1555 Talbot Rd. Anybody who comes and says muzzin sent them gets a free hotdog (unless it's Nantais, cause he eats too much meat.)

Jan 26th, 2002

It's 11:18 on friday night and I'm bored as hell. Me and Nantais and Ellen went to 'the lift' tonight. Ironically enough, it was a gay coffee shop. I'm not going to go on about it like I did with 'the life', cause I wasn't really violated. Plus they had some good vegetarian food.

Jan 22nd, 2002


Jan 21st, 2002

Seeing as people are having trouble giving their correct name, and are writing under other people's identities, I'm going to modify the message board to have user accounts. So you will still be able to leave messages anonymously, (or under a guise) but not under another person's name.

Jan 19th, 2002

Sorry I've been slacking. I've been a bit busy. I'm going to try and update the sight every Monday and Thursday. There's not a hell of alot that's new, so there isn't much news. The weekly quote and mp3 are updated.

Jan 15th, 2002


Jan 13th, 2002

Please check out the FAQ.

Jan 12th, 2002

Supporters rally to save muzzin's freedom!!

Jan 11th, 2002

Alright, the Graffiti Wall is working. Please leave messages and please leave your real name. If you have any problems, email me.

Jan 10th, 2002

You might have noticed a couple of additions to the site. I know what your thinking, "Why doesn't that idiot finish the parts he already started before starting new ones?". The "graffiti wall" will be a message board that I'm going to write in ASP (active server pages). It will allow people bored enough (and god knows you're bored if you come to this site alot) to leave messages saying how much they hate this site and about how ugly the webmaster is. I'm hoping it will become a frequently used means of communication between my friends. Should be up in about a week.

Jan 9th, 2002

If sarah wants her button maker she's gonna have to be my girlfriend again!! HAHA!! In the meantime, anyone who knows me is gonna be getting some cool home-made buttons.

Jan 8th, 2002

U suck.

Jan 6th, 2002

Muzzin [the band] web site is almost done. Will be up in a few days.

Jan 5th, 2002

It's hard maintaining a news site about your life when you lead such an uninteresting one.

Jan 1st, 2002

Well, it's time to welcome in the new year. I must say that 2001 was a memorable year, although there are no colonies in outer space and my car still can't leave the ground. Instead of a computer with artificial intelligence named HAL (2001: A Space Odyssey), we have Windows XP. Instead of world peace and universal understanding, we have George W. Bush, a man who is leading the world into WW3, in the name of protecting us from 'terrorism'. (But what CNN isn't reporting is that he is just building up his war machine to protect the wealth of the American entrepreneurial class, and the middle-eastern oil interest.) We've seen our civil rights get tossed out the window, all because American propaganda has induced the world into a constant state of fear. And we've seen our Canadian national pride shrink faster than the ratings of 'Survivor'. I can honestly say that prior to Sept. 11, I've seen the American flag being flown more on Canadian soil than our humble maple leaf. Now, since Sept. 11, I can't leave my house without seeing the stars and stripes. I hate American imperialists.

All that aside, 2001 was still a good year. My new year resolution was to stop lone-stoning. (but my cat counts as a person.)

Dec 23rd, 2001

I was accosted last night. It all started when we were going to a rave (yes, I know they are gay) on Wyandotte St. Rob had already checked the *secret* website that was on the *underground* flyer for the *secret* location. We had trouble finding the address. We seen a building called "The Life", which had the fluorescent lights and other gay raving accessories inside. We sent Gates up to the door to ask if this was the rave, so Gates' asks the bouncer, "Is this the place you call for the location?" Since you can call any place and get it's location, the bouncer said, "Yes, this is the place." So in we go. At first glance it looked like any usual rave. Guys dressed in faggy button-up shirts, the odd lesbian couple making out, the cheesy-ass 80's style lighting effects, the spiked-up blond highlighted hair.

So I quickly made my way to the bar. This was the point that I noticed there were hardly any chicks here and 80% of the crowd was men. I didn't think it was a big deal, it wasn't the first time I went somewhere with a bad ratio. When I got to the bar, I noticed the bar tenders were somewhat fruity looking, many of them were wearing sleaveless, or even glittery shirts. After none of this tipped me off, the only thing that made me realize I was in a


was when I seen [a certain unnamed Amherstburgian] making out with his boyfriend. Not so much that he was making out with a guy that made me realize, but the fact that nobody responded in discuss. Now it was time for my to find my friends and get the hell out of this AIDS pit. I slowly slithered my way towards the door, trying so desperately not to brush up against somebody in the crowd. Everywhere I looked, there were dirty men staring at me, pleasing their homosexual minds with thoughts about violating Muzzin's fragile body. Now I had to cut eye contact down to a minimum, because God forbid one of these walking perversions tried to hit on me. To my relief, I met up with K, but the worst is still to come.

As we were waiting for Gates to finish his beers (fuckin gates), I seen a 55 year old man on the dance floor staring at me (the misery). I dared to glance back a second time, only to find he was slowly making his way towards me. I went into defense mode. His queer hand reached forward in a friendly gesture, only to be retaliated with a swatting motion. After a few 'f' words, he got the message and walked off grinning. I was safe, but for how long was uncertain.

Gates (fuckin gates) was finally done his beer, and we left.

I would just like too say that I am for sexual freedom. But if those faggots want public opinion to be unbias of their sex-life, they should keep their sex-life out of the public.

In other words, anyone who is flamboyantly gay should be thrown in prison while wearing their lingerie.

Dec 16th, 2001

'Muzzin' [the band] fan page will be up soon!!!!!

Dec 15th, 2001

New full length 'Muzzin' CD out soon!!!!!!

Dec 14th, 2001

The "Amherstburg Sucks" section will be done as soon as Tim gets off his ass and comes out and takes some pictures with me.

Dec 11th, 2001

You assholes better come out for my birthday.

Dec 10th, 2001

I just got back from London. We shot a couple of rats, but I don't think we killed any. As you would walk from one end of the barn to the other, you could feel the evaporated urine soak into your skin. Damn filthy animals.

Dec 7th, 2001

I'm going to London tomorrow to see Jay and Ash on Mel's pig farm. They want me to kill rats in the barn.

Dec 4th, 2001

I don't think any two flags are shown together more then the Canadian and American. Living in the Windsor area, your really lucky to see the Canadian flag at all. I bet the proud people of the Banana Republic have more nationalism than us.

Dec 2nd, 2001

If you read this your gay.

Nov 29th, 2001

Concert!! December 6th. Changez by Nite.

Nov 23th, 2001

Lincoln Park sucks.

Nov 21st, 2001

Well, it's right before December, which means it's time for the holidays (Corporations feel it's necessary to start Christmas 45 days early now). I hate Christmas. I hate Christmas decorations. I hate people that like Christmas. I hate spoiled kids. I hate getting presents. I hate saying thank you. I hate buying people presents. I hate shopping. I hate advertisements. I hate advertisements with Christmas in them. I hate Santa Claus. I hate the retail sector.

I want to see Jesus and Santa Claus fight to the death with chainsaws in the middle of a shopping mall, with old ladies cheering on Jesus, and little kids cheering on Santa Claus.

Nov 18th, 2001

I feel like shit this day. I'm too hung over from the kegger.

Nov 17th, 2001

KEG party!! Corner of South and Peter. Girls get in for $5.

Nov 16th, 2001

I see the true effect capitalism is having on the proletarian. Here's what happened: Jae put the zambooka under the table next to them at Naples, until they were going to leave. I was with Pat, Todd, Jay and DTN. A man walked in. An Amherstburg common. At first he watched them, enraged by jealousy of their youth and carelessness, he decided to intervene. Now if you're wondering what kind of man this was, I can describe him by this: He had a pack of Player's cigarettes and 3 darts in the breast pocket of his denim jacket. You know the type. The type that gets drunk off his ass at Shooters, then *drives* to Naples to swell his beer gut even more, then wipes the pizza sauce out of his greasy mustache. He's the type that couldn't hold a monotonous job at an auto factory because of his drinking problem.

So anyway he walked over and picked up the zambooka from under the table and started walking away. When DTN tried to stop him, the man got what he wanted; a reason to start with them. He realized quickly that they didn't recognize his age as an authority, so he panicked, and started saying he was a cop. This was obviously a lie, because everyone knows that a denim jacket is a sign of underachievement. After about 30 threats of taking them to jail, the man decided to give up, as every word he said was quickly retorted by a burst of laughter, since the teens were obviously much smarter than this modern peasant.

The sad part is that our capitalist society doesn't mind that this man is like that. The society is happy that he found a low paying job, because now he can continue to buy chicken wings and beer, to fuel pitiful Amherstburg commerce. They are happy that he stays home all night and watches TV, because an illusional worker is a good worker. They are happy in general because this man's slothfulness has made people rich, and they will do everything in their power to keep him in the proletariat.

Nov 11th, 2001

Network Essentials runs out of toilet paper.